What Are the Top 4 Categories of Vape Flavors?

Vaping now a day is employed both as a cessation tool for smoking and as a hobby. Among the numerous benefits and plus points of vaping include the tempting flavors of e-liquids that a lot of vape stores have. Many vape brands that started off with prototypical flavors like strawberry, mango, and mint have now expanded their vaping portfolios and produce all kinds of exotic blends and flavors that cater to a wide audience of people with differing tastes. It’s true that no two people will get the same flavor out of the same e-liquid. Hence we cannot form any objective stance on vape flavors, but we can still offer the popular view on flavors and why some flavors are preferred more while some less.

Whether it’s a disposable vape box or a mod setup, the same e-liquid goes inside every vape device. E-liquids function as a fuel that runs your vape device and propels it to produce vapor. But what flavor and vapor your device will actually produce depends on your decision. Following are the top three most preferred flavor categories of e-liquids:

  1. Fruity flavors
  2. Tobacco, nuts, and spices flavors
  3. Menthol/mint flavors
  4. Dessert based flavors

1. Fruity Flavors

Vapers most frequently buy fruity flavors because a lot of people are naturally predisposed to find them appealing. These flavors range from sweet, sour, zesty, and tangy. The reason why fruity e-juices have their place in the market is that they are not very complex and easily replicate the flavors of the actual food, whereas complex flavors have a lot of undercurrents and can sometimes taste completely different from what’s marketed. The popular fruity profiles include mango, strawberry, raspberry, banana, and grape. There are a lot of brands that sell combinations of fruity notes too, like banana, strawberry, pineapple, raspberry and grapefruit, peach, etc.

2. Tobacco, Nuts, And Spices Flavors

The flavors from this category are usually bought by people who have an acquired taste or are addicted to cigarettes. Tobacco flavor profiles are a bit strong and help smokers to transition better from cigarettes to vaping. A lot of these flavors don’t contain many artificial flavors and sweeteners, so they are usually simple and strong. These flavor profiles also give a strong throat hit. The most commonly purchased flavors from this category include tobacco, coffee, cinnamon, spice, herbs, and tea. For people who are habitual of smoking cigarettes in the morning along with their coffee, these flavors can turn out to be highly fruitful in cutting down on cigarettes.

3. Menthol/Mint Flavors

Menthol and minty flavors possess cooling agents and icy properties that give a strong and more soothing throat hit. These flavor profiles are extremely simple and free of excessive flavors and sweeteners. These flavors give a tingling feeling in the throat both upon exhale and inhale, and that’s what gives them a depth of taste. Menthol flavor profiles are extremely likable and preferred by many vapers. Menthol works as a counter-irritant as well and reduces minor irritation; hence you will not get any extreme dry coughing or throat inflammation. Menthol and mint flavors pretty much have all the attributes of a flavor that you can vape all day.

4. Dessert-Based Flavors

Dessert-based flavors also have a wide fan base and are loved by people who have a sweet tooth. In a way, dessert-based flavors allow their users to enjoy the sweetness and taste of their favorite desserts, without the extra calories of those desserts. When it comes to these flavors, you can find a flavor named after every dessert imaginable. From chocolate ice cream to strawberry cheesecake and crème Brule, there’s a dessert for everyone! There’s only one downside of these flavors, which is they can be harsh on the coil of your vape and can destroy it. Dessert flavors are loaded with flavors and sweeteners; hence, they end up building gunk in the coil faster.

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