Quit smoking with IVG

Quit smoking with IVG – Candid Guide for Pakistanis

Smoking has long occupied a big and dangerous role in your lives. They are harmful and toxic and have long controlled your life, making you and the people in your surroundings sick. All cigs eventually lead to gruesome death or diseases that no one wants. Sure it may look cool in movies, but that’s their whole appeal, and if you smoke cause you want that nicotine hit, then now is the perfect time to quit smoking. IVG offers the best alternative to satisfy your nicotine cravings without putting your life and your family’s life at risk.

The Perfect Time to Quit Smoking is Now

With the rise of vapes, quitting smoking has never been more easier! Sure there are other ways to stop, like nicotine replacement therapy or pharmaceutical drugs, but vaping has been the most fulfilling and the most convenient alternative. And with IVG disposables, we make it more fun and exciting. In addition, Vaping has been known to be the perfect aid in making quitting more effortless, and studies back it. For example, one scientific study about vaping to quit smoking concluded that “those who report using e-cigarettes for smoking cessation are more likely to quit smoking over time than those who do not use e-cigarettes.”

How to Quit Smoking:

The first step in successfully quitting smoking is to make a solid decision to quit and than deciding on a specific date to do so. Then, make a plan for dealing with situations that trigger your desire to smoke and dealing with cravings. You may need to try a variety of approaches to find the one that works best for you. Disposable Vapes have proven to be the ideal choice for smoking quitters. You can try IVG disposables like the Diamond Bar, or the Plus Bar, as they are easy to use, trendy, and offer delicious flavors that will take care of all your needs. Then when you build up your appetite, you can move on to advanced vape pods. Other things that you can do are:

  • Read self-help information.
  • Go to individual or group counseling.
  • Request assistance from a friend.
  • Set up a rewards system based on what you can do with the money you spend on cigarettes.
  • Take a walk or engage in a new physical activity that you enjoy.

Pros of Quitting:

The pros of quitting are endless but are often overshadowed by your strong urge to have that puff of your cigarette. But let it not blur your vision anymore to see what freedom and joy await you at the other end of the road. Here are the benefits that you will enjoy when you finally quit smoking using vapes.

Better Health:

Any time you stop smoking, regardless of your age or length of smoking, your health will improve. When you stop smoking, you’ll probably live longer, breathe easier, have more energy, and save money. Also, you will:

  • Reduce your risk of lung disease, cancer, heart attack, and stroke.
  • possess improved blood circulation
  • Enhance your ability to taste and smell
  • Put an end to the smokey smell


When you take up vaping instead of smoking, you get all the freedom that you have always yearned for. Gone will be the days when you couldn’t enjoy any moment without the thought of having another cigarette. Whether it has been any events or personal moments, all things feel incomplete without a cigarette in your hands. Vapes offer you so much freedom and convenience to take control of your life back into your hands. In addition, you can enjoy your vapes anywhere without any strict no vaping signs.

Save Up Your Money With IVG:

Quitting cigarettes can help you save a ton of money. Even vaping prove cheaper in the long run than cigarettes, which should pump you up to take the step in the right direction. A pack of cigarettes costs around Rs.250, and a smoker who goes through a pack a day wastes around Rs.7500 a month on cigarettes. At the same time, a standard disposable device costs you around 2800 but will last you longer. You can get IVG Box disposable for Rs.4200, which gives you a massive 5000 puffs, whereas the Max Bar costs Rs.2800, which will take your costs much lower than cigarettes.

At the same time, if you are going for vape pods, then a standard average pod will cost around Rs.5000 as an upfront cost, which will last for years. Compare that with the cost of smoking, where even half a pack a day will set you back Rs.4000 per month.

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